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Designed, assembled and tested in a controlled iso 14000 factory environment, the Armstrong Chilled-Water Integrated Plant Package combines all the equipment needed to deliver chilled water in large buildings while maintaining superior energy efficiency.

The project was a great success. The completed system was delivered to site on time, with no cost overruns. The setting of the chiller plant and cooling tower was completed in less than three days and complete system installation was completed in less than four weeks. 

Air temperatures in the plant dropped and remained at a much more comfortable level. There were no disruptions to plant operations, and the installed system is guaranteed to work within the stated restrictions for power usage. Lastly, the choice of a high-efficiency system means that operating costs are kept to a minimum.



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Experience and capabilities for
HVAC, plumbing and fire systems
in immediate structures

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Packaged Fluid Management Solutions for rapid, low risk deployment

Presented by Mark Wade

The long-standing preference in the mechanical construction industry is to purchase loose components and assemble an HVAC system or its sub-system on site. However, for certain types of installations a factory-built packaged solution adds a great deal of value and saves time. Join this session to learn how packaged systems built in a factory environment can transform construction site activity, reduce site labor and costs, reduce schedule time and create long-term value for owners and contractors.

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Why Choose Armstrong Packaged HVAC?

Rapid, Low-Risk Deployment

Rapid deployment of mobile plants for use in heating and cooling, domestic water services, fire suppression and more.

Reduced Installation Costs

Save time and on-site labor with pre-packaged plants delivered with guaranteed performance

Energy Efficiency

Design Envelope pumps and systems are optimized for site load conditions. These two services combined ensure that pumps are properly installed and commissioned to meet the exact flow requirements of the system.

Remote Asset Management

Built-in control and connectivity providing Active Performance Management for on-site or remote asset control, optimization and oversight over the life of the solution.

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About Armstrong Fluid Technology

With eight manufacturing facilities on four continents, and employees around the world, Armstrong Fluid Technology is known as an innovator in the design, engineering and manufacturing of intelligent fluid flow equipment, control solutions and optimization technologies. 

In the shift toward digitalization and integration of fluid-flow systems, Armstrong leads the industry. With advanced solutions that leverage edge computing, IoT, machine learning, digital twin technology and demand-based control, Armstrong provides and protects efficiency in building mechanical systems, approaching energy optimization as a whole-building challenge and advancing the practice of full lifecycle management. Focusing on HVAC, Plumbing, Gas Transmission and Fire Safety applications, we provide energy-efficient, cost-effective solutions and performance management services to building and facility professionals around the world. 

Armstrong Fluid Technology is committed to sustainability. In 2019, Armstrong signed the Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment, a program launched by the World Green Building Council. As a signatory to the program, Armstrong has pledged to ensure that all its offices and manufacturing facilities operate at net-zero carbon by the year 2030.